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Personal Chef Services

What we offer

It doesn’t matter if they’re a couple, families, or a small gathering with a group of friends, if you are seeking our services, as a trained Chef Gabby Jay prepares at-home meals and decadent fine dining menus for a fee. She works anywhere from clients home, venue, or commercial kitchen. Closely working with clients and more distinctly taking into consideration clients' preferences when customizing. This saves my clients the time and effort needed to cook their own food for date night or their birthday dinner, which can be very valuable to people that are extremely busy, or for those who just want to enjoy their company, and not focusing as much on hosting guests with replenishing food options! Traveling with, or to clients out of state or out of the country, is not far from this vocations tasks. So please ask as we will make way to navigate to you for your events needs!



Seasonal Menu

This menu will change from Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall! It is hoped to give you an idea of the style of food, and the thoughts of the way Chef Gabby Jay thinks about food. She is free to customize or create a menu, so that you are able to have all that you heart desires. Prices are linked to the box below! Hope to speak with you soon!


Any questions, comments or concerns that have constantly come our way, or we think may come about, can be viewed by clients for their knowledge. Please know that we have order forms as well, that help both client and caterer during the process of booking. If at all there is to be any questions, comments or concerns please email us at so that we are able to best provide you with our services!

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