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Are you looking to be fascinated in an exciting private cooking class? Well, as a new and upcoming Chef I am prepared to bestow my gifts upon enthused customers. Whether you're looking for a vibrant, live cooking show or a hands-on workshop to fine-tune your culinary skills, I will bring a compelling throw down.  I thrive to create a fun, unique, and affordable way for all to enjoy the company of friends, family, or co-workers at any culinary skill level. Come join me, as I can create a desirable menu just for you and any other guests, and we'll have a joyous time crafting a dish.




From small corporate events to intimate dinner parties, birthdays, bridal showers, and more! Pot Liqueur Catering will provide a memorable experience from groundwork to implementation. We can help with everything, from menu creation to working with vendors to ensure success at making the event #soulgood in every way.




Imagine being able to have all your favorite dishes made to order in the comfort of your home! As your personal chef, I prepare and cook delicious and nutritious, palate-specific meals in the safety of your own kitchen. I use only fresh ingredients and tailor each enjoyable meal according to your specific requests.  A complimentary consultation will be available to discuss your discrete desires, providing the details to customize your meals to suit your definite needs, your nutrition plan, and culinary preferences.


When asked the question 'What is my specialty?' my usual reply is, "Everyone tends to enjoy my soul food and baking. In addition to that my favorite cuisine to cook would be Italian and Mediterranean inspired dishes." That never stopped me from using the skills I was taught and have developed over the years in cooking different cuisines from different cultures around the world. I cook from a wide variety of cuisines and will gladly accommodate your favorite recipes. When shopping, I pay attention to attaining the freshest ingredients. When I arrive to cook, I will bring all the groceries and equipment necessary to carefully prepare your chosen recipes or menu items. All dishes are prepared with love and guest are given the utmost respect, care and comfort, while providing a unforgettable gourmet meal.





I'm a young individual who has much to learn. I also have knowledge and a creative mind that allows me to develop my craft and share with others.  If you are interested in working with me or just meeting up to share about the craft of culinary arts, the food-service and hospitality industry, or anything that pertains to art (photography, paintings, jewelry), then shoot me an email on my contact page.


Also, if you know of any conventions, clubs, or other networking opportunities to share , please go to my Facebook page to add it to my wall, or go to my contact page on my website and email me.  Thank you all for your support and reaching out to me.  #MuchLove #BeBlessed



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